About the Author

I retired from teaching after 32 years in public schools. I have a degree in Elementary Education with a minor in English and certification in Language &/or Learning Disabilities. I taught and tutored students of all ages, all backgrounds, and all abilities. I was trained in several reading programs, but developed some of my own successful techniques that are featured in the book, “The Alphabet Learned Quickly and Easily”. 29 years ago the book began when a cute kindergarten boy said, “Ma’am, B C D E all sound alike to me!” I started drawing pictures and writing stories for him and other struggling students. They all said they could remember better. Some older students who were still on a beginning reading level became more proficient readers after learning with these methods. When this book is shown to knowledgeable people, they can see how students can finally learn better and faster. Reading requires knowledge of the letters and their phonetic sounds on an automatic level and must be over-learned to be in a person’s long term memory When a student struggles to recall the sounds of the letters, reading and spelling are hindered, and reading is less smooth. Comprehension suffers when much effort in given to word attack skills. The methods in the book allow students to visualize the letters better and remember their sounds by cleverly crafted letters on the pictures and companion stories to increase long term memory of concepts taught. Reversal of letters and flipping of letters can be corrected with the numerous methods in the book. A manual is at the beginning of the book to help teachers, parents, or tutors become familiar with procedures and techniques used in my book. When I asked students if the book helped them remember better, they always said yes. The methods really work and can change the lives of students. I love helping students be more successful in reading. I updated my book and made it a colorful version to capture the students attention even more. Now that the book is published, more people can benefit from the methods and procedures used in ‘The Alphabet Learned Quickly and Easily”.